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We are Re-Lint-Less! 

Dryer Vent Cleaning Really Necessary?

  • Your clothes dryer taking too long to dry?
  • Do you have to run your dryer more than once to thoroughly dry your clothes?
  • Would you like to save money on your energy bill    
  • Appliance technician recommend having your dryer vent cleaned? 
  • Is your dryer reading a air flow error code?                                     

Many people assume their clothes dryer is the problem, but the venting May be dirty, disconnected or plugged!

We professionally inspect and clean dryers and dryer vents in residences and in commercially-owned buildings in the Puget Sound area. We have the equipment to clean the entire length of your venting, measure air-flow, temperature and humidity, and verify that the venting meets current building codes.

Over 15,000 house fires every year are caused by dirty dryer vents
Dryer and washer vent Dryers need ongoing maintenance to keep it in safe and in proper working condition. As your heated clothes tumble in the warm air, chlothing breaks down and lint comes off the fabric, Most of it gets caught in the lint screen.  Whatever gets past the lint screen goes out the exhaust vent either clings to the sides of the venting or blows directly out the exhaust.
Since your dryer has to exhaust air out through the vent, the shorter the venting the better. The total recommended length is normally less than 25 feet from the back of your dryer to the outside vent. If you have bends and turns, it should be an even shorter distance. The more turns and the further the distance, the harder your dryer must work to move exhaust warm air and lint. The harder your dryer works and the longer it runs, the sooner it will wear out and have to be replaced or repaired. 
Save Money and Time!
A lint-clogged dryer vent can often consume $10-$20 worth of extra electricity every month.
All dryer ducting must be a minimum of 4" in diameter.  Clean vents encourage air flow efficiency, quickens drying times, adds longevity to clothing's life and reduces utility bills